Meet Our Team


Bryan Keropian, DDS, found his calling to treat sleep apnea & snoring, jaw pain, facial pain, headaches, body pain, and poor health associated with poor sleep and oxygen intake. While treating patients, he realized that his patients needed so much more help than him just doing fillings, root canals, and extracting teeth. Today, at Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills, Dr. Keropian provides innovative treatments for sleep apnea, snoring, headaches, facial pain, temporomandibular joint pain, and poor health associated with poor sleep and oxygen.

Dr. Keropian earned his doctorate of dental surgery at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in Los Angeles. After suffering from chronic headaches himself, his own research into the potential causes and treatments for his pain led to in-depth training in temporomandibular joint disorders through the American Academy of Head, Neck, and Facial Pain & TMJ Orthopedics, currently known as the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP).

It is a leading national group treating headaches, and facial and neck pain. Dr. Keropian was one of the innovative leaders of the AACP and served as treasurer for 14 years. Dr. Keropian is one of the nation’s leading sleep apnea experts. He has developed a treatment protocol for good health and healing other body ailments with the use of oxygen in treating sleep apnea, snoring, and pain.

Through his treatment of patients and research, he realized the most important factor in good health was abundant oxygen in your body. This is the basis of his treatment.

He has designed mouthpieces and provides innovative treatments combining oxygen therapy, a mouthguard, and various other modalities. With his innovative treatment and research, he has attained and holds five patents and FDA clearances for his treatment oral appliances. Furthermore, he’s working with Marina Del Rey Hospital on the development of a study of patients with antibiotic-resistant bacteria health problems and is involving the use of abundant oxygen from the mouthpiece for healing.

The World Health Organization has antibiotic-resistant bacteria as the most dangerous disease on earth. They state that this malady will overtake cancer as the leading killer on the planet. And they project that by 2050 these bacteria will cost the world economy 100 trillion dollars annually.

Dr. Keropian has lectured extensively on sleep apnea and snoring, and TMJ and facial pain throughout the country. He has also given talks to numerous health professional groups, medical and dental schools, and held seminars throughout the country.


Dr. Nagjee has a real interest in the health of mankind. As dentists know that good teeth are very important for digestion and maintaining good overall general health.

Dr. Nagjee is a firm advocate of Biomimetic dentistry.Tooth preservation and dental conservation lie at the heart of biomimetic dentistry.

Biomimetic dentistry, a type of tooth conserving dentistry, treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial invasion. In dental practices around the world, Biomimetic Dentistry has practically eliminated cutting teeth down for crowns and destructive root canal treatment.

Patients are happier and often spend less compared to conventional treatment.

With traditional dentistry we had to destroy healthy tooth structure in order to accommodate a new restoration. Now we are able to bond or glue teeth back together and even add missing parts of the tooth reliably without removing volumes of precious tooth structure. It has the added value of sealing the tooth from bacterial infection.

This has mostly eliminated the need for painful and destructive crowns and root canal treatment with its associated pins, posts, slots, grooves and other non-adhesive retention features.

Many competing synthetic dental materials are stronger, stiffer and seemingly more beautiful, however, their use often leads to undesirable results– even catastrophic failures. Dentistry has had structural failures and problems related to the over-engineering of materials, mostly because we did not have the knowledge or the technology to imitate natural teeth.

Now it is possible to rebuild teeth with materials that simulate natural teeth much more closely, and hold up better to constant chewing.

Dr. Nagjee realized that dentistry had developed the materials to build up teeth without crowning and he developed the skills to rebuild someone’s whole mouth at a surprisingly reasonable rate. He has become one of the experts in Southern California in restoring teeth and whole mouths without crowns.

Sleep Apnea, Snoring, And Poor health Due To Poor Oxygen In Take Sleeping

15 years ago Dr. Nagjee, like many dentists, became interested in Sleep Apnea and snoring and the ability of Dentistry to treat these maladies. He went to a number of Seminars and finally found Dr. Keropians’ Seminar.

He realized that Dr. Keropian understood Sleep Apnea, snoring, and the effect of poor oxygen to the body on the health of the body and our longevity better than anyone else. He also realized that the Sleep Apnea and Snoring Appliances that Keropian had developed and attained 5 Patents and 5 FDA approval far surpassed what was being offered in Dentistry at that time.

He attended 4 of Dr. Keropian’s Seminars and realized he would like to work with him treating patients for Sleep Apnea and snoring. He offered Dr Keropian an opportunity to work together at Dr. Nagjee’s office in Beverly Hills treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Keropian gladly accepted and their relationship was born.