Full Breath Mouthpiece

This is the basic Full Breath mouthpiece without oxygen tubes. It is used for snoring, mild & moderate sleep apnea, TMJ-facial pain, and headaches. When we get patients more oxygen when sleeping, we get pain reduction of all types.

Full Breath Mouthpiece

This picture is the Full Breath with the tail out straight not depressing the tongue….yet.

Full Breath Mouthpiece

The tail bent down 20 degrees to depress the tongue & open the airway. Both you and the Dr. can bend the tail down.

Full Breath with Oxygen tubes

Tail short and bent down slightly to depress the tongue and open the airway. Both you and the Dr. can bend the tail down.

Full Breath with Oxygen tubes

This is for those patients with severe sleep apnea, and severe health problems. Read the section about Dr. Otto Warburg in our main text. He was a Nobel Prize winner and his research showed that abundant oxygen eliminated or reduced cancer, infection, virus, and acidity, the body becomes alkaline.

We are in the format stages of research projects at Marina Del Rey Hospital and Tufts Dental School on patients with severe health problems and getting abundant oxygen to reduce or eliminate these problems.

Full Breath mouthpiece with oxygen tubes. This is the Full Breath appliance with the new adjustable wire tail. This viewed from the biting surface of the appliance. The two wire wings between the back of the mouthpiece and the end of the tail are bent by the dentist to make the tail longer if needed. (red arrow). And the oxygen tubes can be seen here. (white arrow). parenthesis and writing

Full Breath O2 (FBSO2)

Full Breath O2 (FBSO2) with the tubes added on the palatal for the delivery of 92% O2 at 1-2 liters per hour. This will supply Dr. Warburg’s abundant amounts of O2 to the body. O2 concentrator tubing connects to the tubes in the front of the appliance and delivers the O2 into the airway opened by the tail.

These two pictures show the tail of the FBS02 extended down. The depression on the tongue is to open the airway for air or O2. This is similar to the tongue depressor used by the MD to depress the tongue and view the throat. These are the the new ortho wire tails.

On the left is an oxygen concentrator. The other pictures show the tubing that connects the concentrator to the Full Breath O2. Both small and large oxygen concentrators are available.